Dusty Heart debut Record, self titled. Click the cover photo to purchase.

Dusty Heart debut Record, self titled. Click the cover photo to purchase.


"See Some" from Moon & Pollution, 2017. Beats/Production: Graham O'Brien Vocals/Lyrics: Molly Dean

Guitar: Robert Mulrennan Mixed: Adam Krinsky Additional Mixing:Graham O'Brien Mastered: Huntley Miller Artwork: James Penfield

Dusty Heart

Dusty Heart

Rich vocal harmonies merge with intimate layers of guitar, fiddle and banjo to define the lush sound of the recently formed duo, Dusty Heart. Barbara Jean and Molly Dean are two songwriters recognized in their own right for their poetic lyrics and distinct vocal styles that when combined as Dusty Heart fuse to create a powerful and haunting sound that takes on a life of its own.  The pair met in the bustling Minneapolis music scene and became fast friends as well as fans and supporters of one another’s work.  Bonding over their refusal to be pigeonholed musically or otherwise, their shared wanderlust and love of adventure, a passion for the open road, vast landscapes, and a mutual love for musical harmony, the two decided to join forces crafting a sound that bridges together the diverse musical worlds of roots, indie, and folk. As soon as they embarked on their collaborative journey, Dusty Heart was off to a running start, receiving an invitation to open a series of sold-out shows supporting Dave Simonett and Dave Carroll of Trampled by Turtles across the state of Colorado.  
“Dusty Heart combines great songs with lucid harmony and stunning musical talent.” –Dave Simonett, Trampled By Turtles

"And War" by No Bird Sing, featuring Molly Dean 
From A Prairie Home Companion, "The Lives of the Cowboys"
Moon & Pollution "The Box Borealis"
(Bandcamp link)

Moon & Pollution "The Box Borealis" (Bandcamp link)

Moon & Pollution -  "Alter Eagle"  / for Teen Wolf

Moon & Pollution - " Darkroom Double" / for Eye Candy 

“The Box Borealis offers a subsonic brand of haunting, vibrant vocals and slow-burning trip-hop that falls somewhere between Poliça and Massive Attack.. 
-Chris Riemenschneider,
Minneapolis Star Tribune 

“Dark and decadent...” 
-Nick Manai, In Your Speakers Media 

"Moon & Pollution is clearly within the upper echelon of this genre...the music itself is wrapped in an ominous mist that is the factor that is distancing them from many of their contemporaries.” 
- Matt Jensen, The Equal Ground 

“O’Brien’s drum rhythms and trip-hop beats roll out like fog, unfolding into a celestial bed of sound which Dean’s ethereal vocals sink nicely into.” 
-Alex Nelson, Vita.mn 

"The Box Borealis sounds like an exploration of the depths of human emotions here on earth, and love letter to the vast expanses of darkness that stretch out between the stars in outer space." 
- Andrea Swensson, 89.3 The Current

Moon & Pollution is the new electronic pop duo out of Minneapolis, Minnesota combining singer Molly Dean’s haunting, operatic vocals with producer Graham O’Brien’s (No Bird Sing) hard-hitting beats and rich, melodic textures. M&P debuted at the Bayfront Festival when Slug of Atmosphere asked them to play after hearing an unreleased track. Shortly thereafter, their song Alter Eagle was featured on the Season 4 premiere of MTV’s Teen Wolf. 

Moon & Pollution’s debut album The Box Borealis (F I X) now available.